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SERVPRO of Ebensburg Continues Mold Testing at a New Price

10/30/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation SERVPRO of Ebensburg Continues Mold Testing at a New Price Our Mold Testing Fee is $150.00 and includes 2 air samples.

SERVPRO of Ebensburg is able to perform mold inspections. This saves our customers time and money.  The price for a Mold Test is now $150.00 and includes two air samples.

Having mold testing done by a third party can be a lengthy process. We understand you have a busy life and we don't need to be taking up any more time than we need to. Now we can do our assessment of your property and the mold testing all in the same appointment. You will even have your mold reports back within 2-3 business days! There is no need to use an additional third party or pay for any additional costly air quality tests.

  • Full service environmental analytical specializing in mold analysis.
  • Fastest turn around time and lowest price in the industry.
  • Mycologist on staff
  • Accredited Indoor Environmental Hygienist (IEH). 
  • Used by mold inspectors, home buyers/sellers, real estate agents. 

As a trusted leader in the restoration industry, SERVPRO of Ebensburg has highly trained technicians that are dedicated to responding to any size disaster with 24-hour emergency response. Contact us today, at 814-472-0800, to see what SERVPRO of Ebensburg can do to help you!

SERVPRO of Ebensburg Celebrates 5 Years

10/27/2017 (Permalink)

Community SERVPRO of Ebensburg Celebrates 5 Years Ben and Jeff pose with their "5 Year" Anniversary Cake

5 Years is definitely something to celebrate, and that is exactly what SERVPRO of Ebensburg did.  Owners Ben Weaver and Jeff Kuncelman were definitely surprised when they entered into The Pour on Center in Ebensburg PA and were greeted by all their employees, family, and friends. 

"From the bottom of our hearts we would like to extend the most sincere Thank You to our wonderful employees who took it upon themselves to throw us a Surprise Party to celebrate our First 5 Successful years in Business.

Without each and everyone of you, none of this would be possible. You all play a critical role in our successful and I hope you know how much your are valued and appreciated."

Thank You,
Ben & Jeff

Helping after Hurricane Harvey

10/4/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Helping after Hurricane Harvey Streets of neighborhoods lined with debris from damaged homes.

The Houston Texas area suffered one of the worst hurricane disasters to occur in American history, Hurricane Harvey.  Immediately after the storm hit, SERVPRO began planning to send help to the devastated area.  Storm teams from across the country began mobilizing franchises.  Our franchise was one of the few to make the important decision to leave home and lend our assistance to Texas.  We sent a crew of 6 employees on a 20 plus hour drive.  While in Texas, our team completed nearly 10 jobs in a 3 week span.  Homes were affected by high Bayou flood waters, some homes nearly seeing 6 feet of water.  Due to the bacteria in the water, and the high humidity of Texas, mold development was a major issue.  Luckily, our crew was able to remove material, clean, and dry out the affected homes.  The event is something our SERVPRO will not soon forget, but we are grateful and proud that we had the opportunity to lend our assistance to Texas and families affected by the disaster.         

Let The Professionals Help!

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

Leaving a water issue go WILL lead to a future mold issues if not addressed!!!  Most of the times when people turn their backs on properly drying even smaller water leaks, they develop mold.  This, in turn, leads to even more work and expense that could have easily been avoided.  Not to mention, there are possible health risks involved.  Excessive exposure to certain types of mold may present concerns to the well being of the individuals in that environment. Our trained and qualified team can test and mitigate the molds that arise. 

If you have had a past water event and are not sure if it dried properly or suspect mold look for these signs.

Presence of visible mold

Strong musty oders

Evidence of past moisture problems (i.e. water stains)

Excessive humidity

Don't forget to call the professionals to mitigate the problem!  Testing and removal needs to be done properly so the mold doesn't just get spread throughout your home or office.

A Clean Home Can Sell Faster

9/27/2017 (Permalink)

A fair priced home on the market can be sold faster if you avoid some simple things.  Odors and visible staining can lessen a prospective buyer's interest in a home.  This could be the deciding factor on which property is chosen for purchase.  In must cases a buyer wants a home to be "move in ready" when they complete the closing.  So, Here are a couple tips that may help get a listing sold instead of sitting on the market!

If it has forced hot air and HVAC, get a duct cleaning done.  this will reduce allergens, pet dander, and reduce offensive odors.  Also, it can be used as a selling point as it improves the operating condition and efficiency of the system

Have the carpets scrubbed.  Carpet cleaning, especially a process like our "Showcase Premier Cleaning", can remove unsightly stains and odors being emitted from the carpet.  

Get the walls, ceilings, and hard flooring cleaned and deodorized.  This will brighten up and make everything more visually appealing.  The fresh clean smell also gives people a feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Give us a call and let us help you sell your home! 

Attic Fire Damage in Altoona

8/23/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Attic Fire Damage in Altoona Photo of where the fire started

Fires can occur in any place of a building.  Unfortunately sometimes it occurs in the attic.  This turned into a particularly large job for many reasons.  One reason is that when the fire started, fire crews had to put out the flames using water.  When this happened, water went from the top of the attic, all the way down to the second and first floors.  The job then became a water and fire job.  Unfortunately when the water sat in the drywall and plaster of the structure, it started to grow mold.  Since mold was then present, containment and air scrubbers were needed to keep the unaffected rooms free of mold spores.  The affected areas of the structure were torn down to the studs and cleaned.  Any room with smoke or soot damage were also cleaned using the correct SERVPRO chemicals.  The affected rooms were rebuilt and finished.      

Modular Home Fire Loss Content Cleaning

8/22/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Modular Home Fire Loss Content Cleaning Front view of the modular home

Fire damage can happen in any building that has utilities such as electrical.  This was a fire lose that occurred in a modular home in Cambria County.  The home was full of content when the loss happened.  At SERVPRO, we can not only clean and restore a home depending on the damage, but we can also clean the contents in the home.  When the fire happened, forced air was on, therefore leading to soot and smoke being blown all over the home and personal items.  All content was removed to be cleaned and placed in a room with an ozone machine.  This removed residue, but also any smoke odors that were absorbed by the items.  Our team successfully restored all the items in the home.  Sometimes personal items are just as important as the home itself.    

Ebensburg United Methodist Church Cleaning

8/21/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Ebensburg United Methodist Church Cleaning SERVPRO vehicles are parked outside of the church as the cleaning begins.

Our SERVPRO was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to clean The Ebensburg United Methodist Church.  The Methodist Church has been a great organization in the Ebensburg community for a number of years.  We performed a hot water extraction cleaning on the rooms in the lower level.  In the upper sanctuary, we did a top down deep clean.  We cleaned everything from the ceilings and lights, down to the windows, pews, and carpets.  The carpet cleaning went extremely well, bringing back a wonderful color that has been dulled from being heavily soiled.  The amount of dirt in the carpet shows how much the church has been used by it's members, which is a good thing.  Jobs where we can bring back the carpet just by cleaning it and not having to replace it is really what our company is about.    

SERVPRO of Ebensburg and Indiana County Offers Custom Carpentry

7/31/2017 (Permalink)

Building Services SERVPRO of Ebensburg and Indiana County Offers Custom Carpentry Wide array of samples we offer from Beaulieu, Mohawk, Masterbrand, Diamond, and Aristocrat

As a SERVPRO we have offered reconstruction as part of our services.  Since growing, we now offer a new type of service.  Now with reconstruction, we offer our own cabinet, carpet, tile, and flooring lines.  This means that as a SERVPRO, we are now a "one stop shop".  After a disaster, we can restore the damage, and if needed offer the extra products without ever having to go to an outside source.  This is easier for the customer because it is faster and we are already familiar with the job and can continue moving along with the restoration without any issues.  Even if you have not suffered a loss but are still interested in our carpentry services, we can provide samples and free estimates to fit your needs.  

Indiana Storm Event

7/6/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Indiana Storm Event A washed out bridge in Shelocta PA in Indiana County caused by overflowing rivers.

The past couple weeks have been very busy at our SERVPRO.  On June 29th, the Indiana PA area unfortunately suffered from very heavy rains causing flash flooding.  Homes were affected by either sewer drain backups or large amounts of water entering from nearby creeks or streams.  Our crews worked late into the night to begin restoring the damage caused by the storm.  It was important to clean up and dry out as many affected areas as quickly as possibly so that mold would not develop.  Over 30+ jobs were taken care of by our whole team.  We are very proud of what we accomplished in such little time in order to help the Indiana community during such a devastating storm disaster!  No matter what time, we are ready to help!