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Mold Growth 48 Hours After Water Loss

Water Loss in Johnstown, PAWhen a home suffers a pipe break it is imperative to call a remediation company right away. The main reason to mitigate water da... READ MORE

Vapor Blitz II for Mold and Soot Damage.

When you have special items that you do not want to have thrown away your insurance company will allow us to use specialty equipment. Most of the time insu... READ MORE

Water Main Freeze Floods Commercial Property

What to do after a flood?Be careful and stay safe in any flooding situation. Be sure to wear proper protective equipment and understand your surroundings. SERVP... READ MORE

If Find Mold In Your Home

Mold can be found in every home no matter where you live. The mold spores themselves are microscopic and cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, when moistu... READ MORE

Mold Cleanup In Home Damaged By Water

Anytime you have moisture that is left for too long, you will run the risk of developing a mold problem. In the case of this home that suffered a severe water l... READ MORE

Large Mold And Water Loss

This home had a lot of mold growing in it due to an extremely severe water loss situation. Our team arrived at the home quickly and got to work immediately on r... READ MORE

Mold Removal In Church

In these images, you can see a church that our team was tasked with cleaning and repairing after they developed serious mold problem due to a heavy water loss.I... READ MORE

Deep Cleaning After Hurricane Harvey, Beaumont TX.

After flood waters affected a small home, our crew was asked to perform a deep cleaning after the walls had been removed.Everything was already removed when our... READ MORE

Large Home Affected By Hurricane Waters, Beaumont TX.

This home was affected by flood waters caused by Hurricane Harvey.  The flood water was not as high as some of the other homes, so a flood cut was sufficie... READ MORE

Flood Damaged Home, Beaumont, TX.

This is one of the harder hit homes that our SERVPRO worked on due to Hurricane Harvey.  The home had very high flood waters affecting almost all their ins... READ MORE